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Welcome to Eden View Boutique Hotel

EDEN VIEW BOUTIQUE HOTEL and the  SHANGRI-LA MANOR PRIVATE VENUE & RESTAURANT welcomes you to a place of luxury accommodation, relaxation, serenity and natural beauty.

Legend tells of a utopian kingdom hidden among the towering mountains of inner Asia. A paradise on Earth, yet a place apart. A place of spiritual contentment and eternal life. A place that's become known to the West as Shangri-La. For centuries romantics, adventurers and the devout risked their lives searching for this heaven on Earth.

EDEN VIEW is set in the heart of the Garden Route, nestled away in the mountains with nature surrounding us from all directions.

We offer our guests nothing but the most superior accommodation, services and 10 luxury suites with private lounges and en-suite bathrooms with amazing views over a forested valley and a river far below in the gorge.

Tranquil & peaceful, it is truly an inspiring space for adults to relax and enjoy.  Due to the serene environment, we offer our guests, along with the very steep landscape and lack of play areas, the hotel and venue are unfortunately not suitable for children under 15 years old.

Wake up to the sounds of birds and animals in the forest, lounge at our sparkling pools, watch the sunset from your private balcony or deck, take a walk along the river and trees below, enjoy a movie in our private theatre, or simply stay inside whilst enjoying stylish comfort of our suites.

EDEN VIEW is truly a place like no other!

Our very own SHANGRI-LA MANOR PRIVATE VENUE & RESTAURANT is utilised for special events only and can cater for and accommodate small, private and stylish functions such as conferences, workshops, corporate retreats, small weddings and celebrations for up to 35 to 40 people.

The restaurant serves a delicious continental breakfast to our Hotel Guests daily, but is further only open and utilized for private functions or on special request and pre-bookings from our Hotel Guests.

At EDEN VIEW BOUTIQUE HOTEL and the  SHANGRI-LA MANOR PRIVATE VENUE & RESTAURANT, we will take care of your every need. All you need to do is to enjoy.

Enquire today to see what we can do to make your stay or function unforgettable.

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